National Agricultural Technology Program – Phase-II Project (NATP-2)
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Welcome to NATP -2 - DLS

The role of livestock sub-sector is vital for the economic development of agro-based Bangladesh. The contribution of livestock to National Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is 2.79 percent and which is 17.15 percent in Agricultural share. About 44 percent of the animal protein comes from livestock sources. Moreover, 4.31 percent of the total export is from the export of leather and leather goods. The 30 percent of the total tillage is still covered by livestock beside mechanical tillage. Furthermore, 20 percent of the population is directly and 50 percent of the population is partially dependent on livestock sector. The sub-sector enjoyed a growth rate of 5.85 percent during the last fiscal year. Poverty reduction, gender equity and empowerment of women are amongst eight set targets of millennium development goals (MDG). To achieve the goals, Bangladesh government has identified livestock as one of the key player of Poverty Reduction Strategy. The government has set strategic targets for meeting protein demand, employment generation, up-scaling export earning and women's empowerment through the Livestock sub-sector.