National Agricultural technology project

Beef Fattening Demonstration

Due to increasing demand for quality meat, beef fattening has been become a lucrative income generating enterprise for smallholder farmers in Bangladesh. Weight gain of a fattening cattle by practicing modern technology can rise growth rate 700 - 900 gm/day instead of normal growth rate of cattle is 150 - 200 gm/day. During this year 2010-11, 640 demonstrations were established on beef fattening at CIG level. Mainly Urea Molasses Straw (UMS) or Urea Treated Straw concentrate feed, de-worming, vaccination, fodder etc. were used for fattening demonstration and cattle were fattened for 3 to 6 months. The results of demonstration showed that the daily growth rate of cattle under demonstration was higher than the traditional practice. In case of cross-bred cattle, the average daily growth was 500 to 600 gm in demonstration cattle where 300-350 gm in other then demonstration cattle. About 60 to 70% daily growth rate increase was observed in demonstration cattle over other then demonstration cattle. In case of local cattle, about 50% to 60% weight increased in demonstration cattle over farmer’s practice, i.e. daily weight gain observed about 400 gm in demonstration cattle where 250 gm in farmer’s practice. The data indicates that beef fattening enterprises have the potentiality to increase the meat production by adopting fattening technology. A total of 3445 farmers adopted this technology of which1838 are CIG farmers and 1607 are non-CIG members.