National Agricultural technology project

Mobilization of Common Interest Group (CIG)

CIGs will be formed from the farmers in the project areas. To provided day to day need-based extension services to the farmers SAAOs to visit CIGs and other groups on regular basis. In addition, one-stop services will be provided to the fanners from Fanner's Information and Advice Centers (FIACs) established in the Union Perished Complex. One SAAO will remain present in the FIAC rotationally to provide necessary advisory services to the fanners. The FIACs will be composed of SAAOs and other field extension agents of DLS, DOF, and local NGO representatives. They will provide necessary assistance in CIGs formation. CIGs will consist more of small and marginal farmers (as high as 80%) of which minimum 30% will be female farmers.
Five types of CIGs are identified: (i) crop farmers, (ii) livestock farmers, (iii) fish farmers fishers (iv) farmers interested only in high value crops, and (v) farmers producing special commodities under contract farming. There are will be more or less 18000 CIGs in 120 Upazilas of which 2400 will belong to DOF, 3600 will belong to DLS and the rest 12,000 will belong to DAB. In each Upazila there will be more or less 150 CIGs having 15 CIGs in each Union. The number of members of each CIG will be around 20.