National Agricultural technology project

Cow Rearing / Dairy

The milk yield of cow in our country is extremely low: 200-250 litre during a 10 months lactation period in contrast to 800 litre for Pakistan, 500 litre for India and 700 litre for all Asia. It was identified during Micro Extension Plan preparation that poor knowledge and skill on improved management practices i.e. housing, feeding, bio-security, etc. is the basic problems for low productivity. In the current fiscal year 2010-11, 989 demonstrations on improved management practices of cow rearing were established at CIG level. Most of the demonstrations were mainly conducted with cross-bred cows. The analysis of sample data of Cow Rearing/Dairy Farming demonstration showed an average increase by 1.7 litre per day per cow with the demonstration farmers over then non-demonstration farmers. The average production non - demonstration farmers’ was about 4.8 litre per day per cow where 6.5 litre in demonstration farmers. In case of local cow, an average milk production increased by 0.40 litre per day per cow. The milk production of demonstration farmers is 1.5 litre per day per cow where 1.1 litre in other than demonstration farmers from existing 1.1 litre to 1.50 litre per day per cow. A total of 4252 farmers adopted this technology of which 2466 are CIG farmers and 1786 are non-CIG members.