National Agricultural technology project


1. Name: ............. pic
2. Designation:
3. ID NO: 0393
4. Date of Birth:
5. Date of Joining in the Service:
6. Organization: Department of Livestock Services (NATP-DLS)
7. Education:
8. Home District:

9. Responsibilities/Duties:

(1) Prepare data entry software using appropriate software.

(2) Develop and Implementation Software Programs for data entry

(3) Data Analysis and Data Compilation for making reports

(4) Develop and Maintain NATP-DLS website

(5)Troubleshooting and Networking of NATP-DLS 

(6) Efficiency in data cleaning, analysis of quantitative & Qualitative data on a regular basis and presentation of data

(7) Maintain data bank (Hard & Soft copies) and update database regularly.

(8) Any related task assigned by the authority. Train the related personnel under PIU-DLS.

10. Mobile No:
11. Email: .............