National Agricultural technology project

Field Level Monitoring

Demonstration Activities: A total of 114 demonstration activities on different technologies were observed during monitoring of field level activities. In case of technology demonstration, improved management practices i.e. housing, feeding, health, bio-security etc. interventions were used as livestock technology in the demonstration. In the aspect of green forage production, Napier and German variety of fodder, and Maize as seasonal fodder were cultivated in the fodder demonstration plots. Most of the demonstrations established properly. In few cases of fodder demonstration, area & size of the plots were not maintained, soil condition was not considered in selecting demonstration plot, signboards were not placed, fertilizer doses were not applied as required etc. In case of technology demonstration, the purpose as well as design of demonstration were not clear among the officers and farmers, project supports for demonstration were given in cash instead of kind, demonstration related information were not kept properly etc.
Technology Fair: PIU, NATP, DLS officials visited 7 technology fairs at upazila and district level. Three extension departments jointly organized the fair. The Member of Parliament and local elected representatives were present inaugural and closing ceremony of the fair. Different livestock technologies were displayed in the fair. A large number of interested people visited the fair. In few cases, register was seen for put down the opinion or comments of the visitors.
Farmer’s Information and Advice Centre (FIAC): During 2010-11, 34 FIACs were visited by the officers and experts of PIU, NATP, DLS, Dhaka. Major observations of the visit of FIAC are: out of 34 FIACs, visitor’s found that duty roster was prepared and followed, visitor register opened and maintained, room were decorated with extension related posters, leaflets etc in 21 FIACs. “Advice slip is used by the CEALs” visitors observed. The remaining FIACs were in process of functioning. Monthly Krishi Bulletin is supplied and available in FIAC.

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