National Agricultural technology project

Fodder Cultivation

Fodder is essential for cattle rearing especially profitable dairy farming in Bangladesh. But scarcity of fodder is one of the major constraints for dairy farming as well as other cattle rearing. To motivate farmers to cultivate fodder, 2155 demonstrations on fodder cultivation were established at farmers’ field in 2010-11. The size of demonstration plot was around 05 (Five) decimals and mainly Napier, German, Maize etc high yielding variety of improved fodder were used in demonstration plots. The data from upazilas showed that the average production using Napier variety of fodder demonstration per decimal per cutting is 64 kg where average production of fodder is 42 kg of farmer’s practice. On the other hand, the average production using German variety of fodder production demonstration per decimal per cutting is 55 kg where average production of fodder is 37 kg of farmer’s practice. The main objective of fodder cultivation demonstration is to increase the number of fodder cultivating farmers as well as increase the area of fodder cultivation in the project upazilas. A total of 7656 farmers adopted this technology of which 4533 are CIG farmers and 3123 are non-CIG members.