National Agricultural technology project

Foreign Training and Study Tour for DLS Officer

As part of human resource development of DLS, provision has been made in the DPP for short term training and study tour of DLS officers in abroad. During 2010-2011, 48 officers have been participated in training program in abroad. The duration of the training courses was 14 days and the selected countries were Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. On the other hand, 47 officers including 10 officers from Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock have been participated in 10 days study tour programs and the selected countries were Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. The Deputy Director of PIU, NATP, DLS participated in the program on Procurement Management in the Public Sector in Italy for 21 days. The target and achievement of training and study tour program in abroad for the year 2010-11 is given in the Table-18.