National Agricultural technology project

Goat Rearing Demonstration

Out of total supply of meat in our country, the share of mutton is about 20%. The Increasing trend of meat production has accrued primarily from the growth of poultry. But the beef and mutton production have remained almost stagnant. Meat production of goat is very low in Bangladesh but it can be increased by modern management practices. During the fiscal year 2010-11, 460 demonstrations were established on goat rearing at CIG level. Feeding management, housing management (Slat housing) and vaccination were shown and practiced in the demonstrations. No goat was affected by diseases during demonstration and health of demonstration goat was improved. As a result, most of the goats have been conceived on regular basis i.e. every after six month. Besides these, average body weight of 01 (one) year old goat has been increased from 12 kg to 15 kg per goat. A total of 1775 farmers adopted this technology of which 1124 are CIG farmers and 631 are non-CIG members.