National Agricultural technology project

Management Information System (MIS)

Management Information System (MIS) supports management to take timely and effectively decisions for planning, monitoring and management of a project. Generally MIS consists of physical and financial activities related information. To establish MIS under PIU, NATP, DLS, a web mail server has been set up and internet modem were supplied to all upazilas to make connectivity with PIU. The project related following database are being maintained and stored as part of Management Information System at PIU level:

►Upazila wise number of CIG and number of CEAL
►Telephone and mobile number of upazila and district officers under NATP: DLS
►List of CIG formed under livestock component of the project
►List of Community Extension Agent for Livestock (CEAL).
►List of E-mail address of project upazila and district
►Year wise progress of various extension activities
► List of CIG members including some basic information
► List of officers participated in the foreign training and study tour
► List of officers participated in the local training courses