National Agricultural technology project

Poultry Demonstration

Poultry provides us both meat and egg. About 51% meat of total meat supply comes from poultry sector. Major share of poultry meat and egg comes from commercial farming system and commercial farming systems generally use improved genetic stock. Improved genetic stocks need improved management practices for optimum production of meat and egg. But most of the farmers in our country have lack of knowledge and skills on improved rearing system of Broiler and Layer farming. To disseminate the knowledge and skills on improved rearing system among the farmers, 486 demonstrations were established in the poultry rearing CIGs. A total of 7656 farmers adopted this technology of which 4533 are CIG farmers and 3123 are non-CIG members.

Broiler Farming Demonstration
During the year 210-11, 315 demonstrations were established in 93 upazilas on improved management of Broiler farm at CIG level. Mainly improved knowledge and practices on housing/shed management, feeding management, schedule vaccination, bio-security etc. were shown in the demonstration. On an average about 50 gm weight has been increased per day per bird in demonstration farms where about 42 gm weight has been increased in non - demonstration farms. The analysis of sample data showed that about 19% weight per day per bird has been increased in demonstration farms over other the demonstration farms. This result indicates that broiler farms have the opportunity to maximize the meat production by adopting demonstrated technology. A total of 1874 farmers adopted this technology of which 1045 are CIG farmers and 829 are non-CIG members.