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Laxmi Rani Finds Way to Survive through Goat Rearing

Laxmi Rani is a member of Goat Rearing CIG of Vaskorkhila village under sadar upazila of Kishoregonj district. Her husband was a day laborer. They have one daughter and two sons. Before enrolling in CIG, she worked as maid servant in other houses for daily livelihood expenditure of her family. She said that she had to pass days in acute poverty and starvation with her husband and children. In the middle of the fiscal year 2008-09, a goat rearing CIG was formed under NATP in Vaskorkhila village of Kishoregonj Sadar upazila. During this time, she had only four goats. She enrolled herself in Vaskorvila Goat Rearing CIG and received training on improved rearing practices of goat i.e. selection of a goat for rearing, improved housing, feeding, health management etc. After receiving training, she bought four more goats by borrowing money from a local NGO. She applied the knowledge in rearing of goat what she gained in the training provided under NATP. She established slat system housing for goat and started to provide feed as per requirement of the goat. She also vaccinated and de-wormed all goats following a schedule of vaccination and de-worming. Moreover she received necessary extension services specially vaccination and de-worming support from DLS under NATP assistance.
“Due to proper management, no goat was affected by any type of disease during last three years and no goat was died at the same time” she informed. She also mentioned that the health condition of all goats is quite good. Goats have been come under heat maintaining specific interval and give birth of 2 to 3 kids per parturition. Now the number of goat has been increased from 08 goats in 2008-09 to 38 goats in 2010-11. Out of 38, she sold 22 goats during this year and earned about Tk. 1,40,000.00 (One lakh forty thousand) only. She met up all the expenses executed on the occasion of marriage for her daughter. Apart from the money earned from selling goat, her husband started a business with raw materials in the local market. Now she is economically better of than ever before. Many of her neighbors have already started goat rearing observing her success. Laxmi Rani maintains close communication with upazila livestock office of Kishoegonj Sadar, Kishoegonj. She hopes that the extension services providing from DLS must be continued in future so that she can run the goat farm properly. She has a plan to build a new house and a sanitary latrine in the next year.