National Agricultural technology project

Bharoti Rani Mondal: A Successful Cow Rearer

Jhikra is a village under Kolaroa upazila of Satkhira district nearby the world heritage Man-grove forest well known as Sundarbon. Kolaroa upazila was brought under NATP coverage in the fiscal year 2008-09. As part of community mobilization under the project, 60 livestock farmers from one union were organized in three Common Interest Groups (CIGs), 20 farmers in each group, depending on their livelihood activities. Accordingly a cow rearing CIG was formed comprising 20 farmers in Jhikra village in 2009. Mrs Bharoti Rani Mondal wife of Mr. Shawpon Kumar Mondal of Jhikra village enrolled herself in the cow rearing CIG. Before enrolling in CIG, she had two indigenous cows. She used to traditional management practices for the cows and got only 1.5 to 2 litre milk per day from two cows. She could save nothing as the earning from milk selling was too less. After enrolling in the CIG, she participated in training course on modern management practices of cow rearing organized by upazila livestock office, Kolaroa with the financial assistance of NATP. She gained knowledge from the training on improved housing, feeding, health management etc. for both indigenous and crossbred cow. She also learnt that the crossbred cow is more profitable than indigenous cow.

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